How to retrieve your scans from ION DOCUSCAN portable scanner

In my last blog ( setting up and scanning using your ION DOCUSCAN portable scanner), I showed you how to set up and scan into your ION DOCUSCAN. Now, I’m going to show you how to actually retrieve those files after you have scanned your documents into you ION DOCUSCAN.

STEP ONE: leave short usb from in  computer’s usb port

Remove short usb and insert the longer one of the two headed usb's

leave short usb in your compter

Step 2:  Turn on your ION DOCUSCAN by pressing the on/off/menu button.

Step 3:  Select Mass storage.

use your down arrow button to highlight “Mass Storage” on your ION DOCUSCAN then select the “OK” button.

Select Mass Storage

Select Mass Storage

you will see a blue box on the screen of the ION DOCUSCAN that says “PC connection. ”  On your computer , your scans saved  in your docuscan will come up on the screen.

note: If your files does not come up like the picture below. Do not panic. Just move on to the next step.

this is what we scanned from my previous blog

this is what we scanned from my previous blog

Step 4: Select removable disk

On your computer, go to START then click on MY COMPUTER. Then double click REMOVABLE DISK.  You may have more than one removable disk listed; select the one associated with the docuscan.

removable disk

removable disk

step 5: double click on the removable disk associated with your DOCUSCAN. Then select DCIM.

select dcim

select dcim

Step 6: double click on DCIM . Then double click on  the 100NVTIM folder.

select 100NVTIM

select 100NVTIM

you should now be able to see all the documents have scanned into your SD card .

You should now see your files

You should now see your files

note: A more simpler way is to remove the SD card and insert it into the SD slot in your computer. Then go to my computer and follow the steps on my blog from here to retrieve your files.  However, since this blog is to help my dad, I put the steps that is easier for him to follow.

Congratulations! you can now retrieve your files on your SD card using your ION DOCUSCAN.  In my next blog, I’m going to talk about sending a fax using the files that you’ve just scanned into your ION DOCUSCAN.


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